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Hey guys! Just joined, I've been a big fan of Ben Folds ever since I was 12 and my brother got me hooked on him.

So, I'm big into making shirts and I wanted to put this piano stencil on a shirt I have.

It's not much, I know, so I want to gussy it up. So I was thinking... song quotes.

Who better to ask than you guys. Any suggestions? It doesn't matter what the lines are about or anything, just toss anything you like/have stuck in your head my way.

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"i click my heels and im there"

"Everyone of you is fired"

"Theres always someone cooler then you"
ooh, which song is "Theres always someone cooler then you" from? I don't recognize it.
There's Always Someone Cooler Than You

off the sunny 16 ep.
my personal favorite..."SHAM ON!"
but thats already on a BF shirt
XD I have that shirt....

<3 Ben Folds. That Underground shirt would be awesome..
i poured my heart out
it evaporated.