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Ben Folds show review 
12:32pm 04/12/2006
  Hey there! I'm Dawn, the editor/co-owner and one of the writers for The Green Room magazine, an online publication dedicated to music and environmentalism.

In the past, we've featured a concert review and a CD review from Ben Folds, and this month, we again caught up with him in our area. Check out this month's issue for the show review and a few photos!

Also, if you're interested, you're welcome to join us over at greenroommag, where we post each month with info about the latest issue, and where our readers are welcome to discuss anything relevant to the magazine.


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Ben Folds Five singles collection 
08:11pm 25/08/2006
  I don't know if this sort of post is acceptable around here, but I've made a decision to sell something very important to me, but I don't want to sell it to just anybody. I want it to go to a true fan, and so I have chosen to post this here so that a hardcore Ben Folds (Five) fan might get it.

First, my history with Ben Folds began about nine years ago. I fell in love with Whatever and Ever Amen when I saw the video for "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces," I think on 120 Minutes. I saw Ben Folds Five live in concert four times, and have since seen Ben Folds solo about six times. I've met Ben and Darren and have a Ben Folds setlist hanging on my wall. The last time I saw Ben was at Bonnaroo where he had an incredible performance, making the unbelievable transition from "Bitches Ain't Shit" into "Brick."

I go through all of this so that you might see that it's not merely me spamming your community trying to make some money, but that Ben Folds and his music are very important to me. Over the years I put extensive effort into acquiring Ben Folds Five CD singles. I've never ordered any of them online, but found them the old-fashioned way, scouring CD store after CD store. I don't have anywhere near all of the singles released by Ben over the years, but do have a collection of 10 Ben Folds Five singles and one Ben Folds single that I am trying to sell.

I tried to find pictures and tracklists for all of this online but it was difficult. So, instead I'll give you the tracklists and try to be descriptive.

full list of singlesCollapse )

I don't really know what price to put on this collection. If you're interested, by all means make me an offer and we'll see.
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emo trash 
11:12pm 14/06/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com
join _______emotrash
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07:50pm 03/06/2005
mood: happy
Went to see Ben Folds last night (I live in England), and omfg was he absolutely amazing! So I came home, and thought I'd join a Ben Folds community....and yeah, I did just that! *is totally in love with him and his music*! x
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05:32pm 29/05/2005
mood: enthralled

I'm selling one ticket to the Ben Folds concert on August 26th 7:00pm at Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville WA.
It is Section B Row B


General admission ticket only $20 extra! That's 1/2 what I originally paid for it!


03:05pm 16/05/2005
mood: chipper

I just purchased 2 tickets off of ebay for FRONT ROW at the Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright concert on August 26th, 7pm at Chateau St. Michelle Winery in Woodinville, WA. I only need 1 so I'm selling the other one plus my Gen Admission ticket I already purchased. PLEASE BID!


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Ben Folds 2005 Tour 
04:10pm 28/04/2005
  I am going to Ben's Indianapolis show in May and I am just wondering if he does music from the EPs he released.  
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On a community spree... 
04:44pm 01/03/2005
  Yeah, I just figured out how to join communities and I'm throwing myself everywhere.

Hai. :3 I've been listening to Ben Folds since I was around ten and I have to say, I love him. *huggles Sham On shirt* I only got to see him once, damn me and my Floridian-ness. He was opening at a show and we missed a little of it, but I have to say, I was in heaven either way.

Anywho, that's all for now.

05:35pm 21/02/2005
mood: complacent
Hey guys! Just joined, I've been a big fan of Ben Folds ever since I was 12 and my brother got me hooked on him.

So, I'm big into making shirts and I wanted to put this really really simple.Collapse )
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06:55pm 13/02/2005
  im seeing ben thursday at uconn

anyone else?
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07:26pm 25/01/2005
New Full-Length Album Due Out on Epic Records April 26
First Single Lands at Radio February 1

New York, NY – With the finishing touches in place, Epic Records recording artist Ben Folds will release the highly anticipated SONGS FOR SILVERMAN on April 26. The self-produced follow-up to his solo debut Rockin' the Suburbs finds Folds working with a band for the first time since making his mark as the leader of the trio Ben Folds Five.

After completing Rockin' the Suburbs and an unprecedented series of EP's – Speed Graphic, Sunny 16 and Super D – Folds returned to the studio in early 2004 to record his next solo project. With this new album complete, Folds' boundless creativity summoned him back to the studio to enhance it – this time with bassist Jared Reynolds and drummer Lindsay Jamieson. In the fall of 2004, during a six week recording session in Nashville, at the same RCA Studio once used by Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins, the trio re-recorded the songs from Folds' unreleased solo album along with two new songs, completing the 11-song collection on SONGS FOR SILVERMAN.

The first single, "Landed," is classic Ben Folds. "It's about a close friend of mine who's recovering from being under the influence of a crazy girlfriend," says Folds. "I had this mental image of him flying back to reality, landing at the airport and needing a ride back to the life he left behind." "Landed" shines with tasteful and dynamic instrumentation coupled with evocative, well chosen lyrics. "If you wrote me off, I'd understand/'Cause I've been on some other planet/So come pick me up, I've landed."

On the moving track "Late," Folds pays tribute to singer-songwriter Elliot Smith. Having toured with Smith, Folds wanted to write a song to convey his sadness for the loss and his happiness for having known him. "I wanted to write about the Elliott Smith that I saw on tour, who seemed shy and fragile one minute then playing super aggressive basketball the next, whose music got me through some hard times," Folds says.

"Sentimental Guy" and "Gracie"—a song about Folds' daughter—are the only songs from the original solo recording to go untouched. Although Folds planned to re-record the entire album, Reynolds and Jamieson convinced him to leave those two unchanged. "I really trust their opinions because they're not afraid to say, 'you can do better.' They didn't want to change a note so we left them alone."

The other gems on SONGS FOR SILVERMAN imbue the passion the trio shared in the studio. "We recorded this album really fast because I wasn't worried about making changes to the songs; I'd already done that the first time through," explains Folds. "All we were concerned with was getting the right performance—doing a take, listening to the playback and getting chills when you know you nailed the spirit of the song."

Track listing is as follows:

1. Bastard
2. You To Thanks
3. Jesusland
4. Landed
5. Gracie
6. Trusted
7. Give Judy My Notice
8. Late
9. Sentimental Guy
10. Time
11. Prison Food
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08:49pm 22/01/2005
  if this is completely off topic just let me know and i'll delete it.

heyy, i am new to this community and i absolutely love ben folds =). and i thought you might have some good taste in music. so if you would suggest some other things for me to listen to.

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05:38pm 18/01/2005
  i found this quiz...

Whos Got The Looks Whos Got The Brains Whos Got Everything?... 
12:53pm 17/01/2005
  I'm seeing Ben in March and it's my first time I've seen him live. I was wondering if he lets his fans have photos taken with him or not cos I wouldn't mind having a photo with him. Does anyone have any good photos- amateur or not that I can have?


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09:34pm 05/10/2004
  Hey Everyone,
Last Sunday I went to see Ben Folds play in Morgantown, West Virginia (where I currently go to school). It was my third concert of his, and overall, was really great. He actually had a back-up band this time (a bassest and percussion player). I bought one of the new EPs. Yay!
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01:55pm 26/09/2004
  so who went to the recent tour? i saw ben in wallingford CT...and it was amazing. i have pictures from that show, and pictures from another show thanks to my brother....ill scan them and post them soon

Free Ipods!!! (x-posted... sorry!) 
12:07pm 23/09/2004
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here's an article about this from wired magazine, incase you're worried that this whole thing is a scam...


10:24am 28/08/2004
mood: happy
Can I be in your community?
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11:42pm 31/07/2004
  Ben Folds is on ABC now. They're showing his Central Park concert. Anyone taping it??  
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05:00pm 27/07/2004
  i sae ben fold in concert with rufus waintwrite about one month ago. they were both amazing with "never gana dance again" by george micheal. i had to leave early though... i still got to hear my favorite song fred jones pt 2. :) i was a happy girl!  
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