Erik (erikthehalfabee) wrote in ben_foldz,

Free Ipods!!! (x-posted... sorry!)

Hey Guys, I know this isn't really ben folds related, but its music related, and its REALLY COOL! u should do it too!

I wanna tell you about how to get a free ipod! just go to the link below, and i'll tell you how it works:

I signed up for, and then signed up for's free 2 week trial of their online rental service (like netflix). now i need 5 people to sign up using the link above (so the site knows that i referred them) to sign up for one of the offered free trials as well. Once I get 5 references, i will be sent a free 20GB Apple Ipod! The same thing will happen for you once you sign up for one of the trials. You get 5 people you refer to sign up for a trial of one of the products, and you will get an free ipod too!

*The trials are easily cancelled after you get credit for signing up... with the exception of a couple of the dvd/cd clubs.*

please help me out, and then you can have 5 of your friends help you to get a free ipod! but make sure to CLICK THE LINK ABOVE, so I get credit for referring you to the site.

here's an article about this from wired magazine, incase you're worried that this whole thing is a scam...,2125,64614,00.html

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