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Ben Folds Five singles collection

I don't know if this sort of post is acceptable around here, but I've made a decision to sell something very important to me, but I don't want to sell it to just anybody. I want it to go to a true fan, and so I have chosen to post this here so that a hardcore Ben Folds (Five) fan might get it.

First, my history with Ben Folds began about nine years ago. I fell in love with Whatever and Ever Amen when I saw the video for "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces," I think on 120 Minutes. I saw Ben Folds Five live in concert four times, and have since seen Ben Folds solo about six times. I've met Ben and Darren and have a Ben Folds setlist hanging on my wall. The last time I saw Ben was at Bonnaroo where he had an incredible performance, making the unbelievable transition from "Bitches Ain't Shit" into "Brick."

I go through all of this so that you might see that it's not merely me spamming your community trying to make some money, but that Ben Folds and his music are very important to me. Over the years I put extensive effort into acquiring Ben Folds Five CD singles. I've never ordered any of them online, but found them the old-fashioned way, scouring CD store after CD store. I don't have anywhere near all of the singles released by Ben over the years, but do have a collection of 10 Ben Folds Five singles and one Ben Folds single that I am trying to sell.

I tried to find pictures and tracklists for all of this online but it was difficult. So, instead I'll give you the tracklists and try to be descriptive.

Made in UK, released on Caroline
1. Underground (full version)
2. Jackson Cannery (live)
3. Underground (live)

Sony Music UK
1. Kate
2. Bad Idea (demo version)
3. For All The Pretty People

Battle of Who Could Care Less
Sony Music
1. Battle of Who Could Care Less
2. Champagne Supernova (live in London)
3. Theme from Dr. Pyser (live in London)

Brick - I have three different versions of the Brick single
1. Brick
2. Smoke (live)
3. Song for the Dumped (Japanese)
1. Brick
2. Missing the War (Live)
3. She Don't Use Jelly
1. Brick
2. Smoke (live)
3. Kate (ska remix)
4. Mitchell Lane

Japanese Single
1. Air
2. Missing the War (live)
3. She Don't Use Jelly

Yellow, Parental Advisory
1. Army
2. Air
3. Theme From Dr. Pyser

Red, Clean Version
1. Army (clean version)
2. Leather Jacket
3. Birds

Don't Change Your Plans
Sony Australia
1. Don't Change Your Plans (radio edit)
2. Army
3. Song for the Dumped (live at the wireless)
4. Missing the War (live at the wireless)

Rockin' The Suburbs
1. Rockin' The Suburbs (radio edit)
2. Girl
3. Make Me Mommy
and the video for Rockin' The Suburbs.

I don't really know what price to put on this collection. If you're interested, by all means make me an offer and we'll see.
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